Mad Princess (2023)

Mad Princess (2023)

In Amaji Kingdom, Ode Festival is a long festival that has been in practice for years even in the time of their forefathers. And any king that refuses to perform the ritual for the festival has a skeleton in his cupboard. But king Ama, the current king of the kingdom who is loved by all, seen as a good king who has ruled very well and also brought many developments to the land has a different opinion about the ritual for the festival. Watch as events unfold.

STARRING: Regina Daniels, Stephen Odimgbe, Joseph Daniels, Oluchi Chiana, Ada Mazi, Ogbu Johnson, Julius Ejeta

PRODUCED BY: Chukwuemeka Chiemerie

DIRECTED BY: Izuchukwu John Edeh

COMPANY: Demek Movies Production

YEAR: 2023


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