Insufficient Fund (2023)

Insufficient Fund (2023)

Some people are real, some are good, some are fake and some are really good at being fake. This exceptional movie centers on Ebube (Georgina Ibe) a young beautiful, intelligent but poor lady who thinks that becoming a star and finding a rich husband is a way to alleviate the poverty in her family as well as find true love. But there is a saying that "When you pour cold water on yourself during the harmattan, you can be rest assured that spiritual pneumonia will catch up with you" Also, in life, fear friends that smile in front of you and turn around to stab you in the back. "Insufficient Fund" A movie that will put you at the edge till the end.

STARRING: Onny Micheal, Georgina Ibe, Caz Chidiebere, Ella idu, Chichi Zara Ngonadi, Rita Arum, Irene Ibekwe, Okey Chez, Adim Williams, Chika Anyanwu

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Rob Emeka Eze/Ebere Elizabeth Eze


COMPANY: Reemmy Jes Production

YEAR: 2023


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