The King's Affection (2022) Part 4

The King's Affection (2022) Part 4

When the Queen of Oranto had a covenant with Mmiri Ani, she never knew that would be the beginning of anarchy in the Kingdom. Now it's time for the King to announce the Heir to the throne, but the kingdom has fallen apart, and the center can no longer hold. Who will the king choose?
Find out in this ground-breaking masterpiece 'The Kings Affection"

The Kings Affection (2022)

STARRING: Ken Erics, Phildela Yve, Caz Chidiebere, Ngozi Ezeonu, Rita Arum, Elaweremi P Elaweremi, Omonye Amaechi, Adim Williams.

PRODUCED BY: Rob Emeka Eze/Elizabeth Ebere Eze

DIRECTED BY: Austine Onyema.

COMPANY: Reemmy Jes Production.

YEAR: 2022

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