A Fight for Peace (2022) Part 5

A Fight for Peace (2022) Part 5

Marriage and family are at the core of every individual. The relationships are recognized as an important source of support and security. Unfortunately, they as well can provide unsafe and unstable environments. Mary (UJU OKOLI) and Udoka (LUCHY DONALDS) are co-wives and at the same time sworn enemies. On the other hand, Dubem (ONNY MICHAEL) has a good-for-nothing brother Eloka (AUSTIN ILOH) who brought misery and untimely death to the family. Watch as the drama unfolds and see how the story ends

STARRING: Onny Michael, Uju Okoli, Luchy Donalds, Augustine Illoh, Chetelah Igwe, Jojo Yovwe

PRODUCED BY: Sunday Omoregbe

DIRECTED BY: Augustine Illoh (DGN)

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