The Classic Ladies (2021)

The Classic Ladies (2021)

Vanity plays lurid tricks with our memory, and the truth of every passion wants some pretense to make it live. It keeps people in favour of themselves who are out of favour with all others...They are the classic ladies, beautiful, elegant, selfish, sexy, coquettish and arrogant. They don't care whose toes they step on to get what they want. But in life, whatever goes around must surely come around and when a child lifts his father up, scrotums will blindfold him. From the stables of Reemmy Jes Production comes this well demonstrated and exceptional masterpiece you can't afford to miss.

STARRING: Onny Michael, Uju Okoli, Shaggy Bes, Luchy Donalds, Sammy Lee, Tana Adelana, Adim Williams, Sharon Ifedi, Sonia Onyekonwu, Rita Arum, Ugo Spunky Malachi.

PRODUCED BY: Rob Emeka Eze/Ebere Elizabeth Eze.

DIRECTED BY: Adim Williams.

COMPANY: Reemmy Jes Production

YEAR: 2021.


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