Local Hustlers (2021) Part 9

Local Hustlers (2021) Part 9

Love is a very strong thing. Destiny can only be delayed but can't be denied..... Love can be found anywhere and in anyone..... Sam  (Stephen Odimgbe) a young vibrant bread seller found love in the street with Uju(Mercy Johnson OKONJI) where he was Hawking his bread while she Hawks her own Akara.......  Both found love in themselves but faced serious objections from Emeka (Stanley Danji) sam's friend and Uju's mother. Journey of a thousand-mile start with a step indeed as they persisted with their love believing and trusting so much in their future. Sandra was almost a thon in sam's flesh. tormenting and always faulting every if his deed but then, as it is said, don't look down on anyone except you want to admire their footwear..... The movie is indeed a masterpiece

STARRING: Mercy Johnson Okojie, Stephen Odimgbe, Ruth Eze, Stanley Danji, Joseph Daniels, Evie Simon

PRODUCED BY: Samuel Okafor

DIRECTED BY: Obinna Ukaeze

COMPANY: Samlex Electronics Co.

YEAR: 2021


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