All That We Loved

All That We Loved

A love story that covers adolescent teenagers having trouble deciding the gravity of love and friendship.

Go Yoo and Joon-hee are two friends in high school with different tastes. So-yeon is the new girl that everyone is talking about. When Joon-hee becomes sick, Go Yoo gives him a kidney transplant and Joon-hee experiences cellular memory syndrome. Suddenly Joon-hee becomes like Go Yoo, and vice versa. The two friends become rivals for So-yeon's love in the midst of their friendship. 15 years later, So-yeon and 'Dr. Go' coincidentally meet again.

All That We Loved // Everything That We Loved // Love, Do It

Genre: Drama, Romance

Stars: Sehun, Cho Jun-young, Jang Yeo-bin


Premiere: May 5, 2023 (South Korea)

Recent Episodes

S01E08 There's No Ending to Friendship (Series Finale)

S01E07 If We Don't Let Go of Our Hands Even When We Are in Conflict

S01E06 Sadness Brings Forth a Strong Will

S01E05 A Secret That Only You Didn't Know

S01E04 Liking Someone With All Your Might


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