Love in Contract

Love in Contract

Can marriage be a business? Sang-eun is a single-life helper with 13 years of career. Her customers are those who need a wife for their public life under social pressure. Ji-ho is Sang-eun's MWF husband client who has been with her for 5 years. While short-term, abusing clients on TTS are driving Sang-eun mad, new long-term contractor Hye-jin appears and takes up the TTS husband schedule. With two different men, MWF husband and TTS husband, Sang-eun's week flows romantically crossing the borderline between public affairs and private emotions.

Love in Contract // WolSooGeumHwaMokTo

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Stars: Park Min-young, Go Kyung-pyo, Kim Jae-young, Jin Kyung


Premiere: Sep 21, 2022 (South Korea)


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