EPL: FA told to call off all Premier League matches immediately

Organisers of the English Premier League have been told to call off all Premier League matches immediately following the outbreak of the fourth wave of COVID-19.

EPL: FA told to call off all Premier League matches immediately

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The air is clouded with fears as COVID-19 Omicron variant rise across the United Kingdom and the Premier League has come under increasing pressure to postpone fixtures.

Former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan has added his voice to calls for a break in action.

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Frank, like many others, are probably concerned with the amount of cases in the league and believes a circuit break is in order

The former Crystal Palace owner said, "Perhaps taking a set of fixtures out and saying these fixtures that lead up to Boxing Day, which is what Thomas Frank[Brentford boss]has advocated, might be the sensible decision.

"It would be damage limitation for what could be coming down, which is clearly what we are going to see.

"We are seeing it in society, whatever it is, however, we view cases rather than hospitalisations, we are where we are.

"Football is a poster boy for people, and they will lever that and say 'look at what football is doing and look at how football is being allowed to stay open and look at the fact football is being allowed to put 75,000 fans in a stadium'.

"So it needs to look as if it's doing what it should be doing.

"I'm not an advocate of opening football stadiums and playing games just because we want a stable diet of football.

"Football has a certain look, so I would probably say we could probably sit down for seven or eight days, let it flow its course, and then you're going to see it settle, - then play the Boxing Day games.

"If this transmission [Omicron] is at the level that it's at, how can you justify putting 30/40/50,000 people inside a stadium and argue that it's outdoors?

"Well, it's not outdoor, because most of the time people are inside concourses or inside hospitality or inside lounges or inside executive boxes.

"26,000 people at [Crystal] Palace last night, I can guarantee you in the executive boxes I know very well and in the lounges, you'd have thousands and thousands and thousands of people indoors."


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