3 things that need to change at Nigerian weddings

Bad vibes we no longer want at weddings.

3 things that need to change at Nigerian weddings

[Credit - Ebony Life/Wedding Party Movie]

Where a Nigerian wedding holds, you can be sure that the fun will be unlimited. Nigerian weddings are known for colourful wedding celebrations, flamboyant fashion, gorgeous outfits, great food, solid rhythms and unmeasured dosages of fun.

Unfortunately, that's not all. Some unpleasant things also form part of our wedding culture. Anyone who has been to a wedding would have noticed at least one of the three listed below.

3 things that need to change at Nigerian weddings

1. Time wasting

This is one problem visible in every sphere of the Nigerian society and it's there at weddings as well.

It's either the bride is not arriving on time at the church, or the bride and groom are both keeping everyone waiting at the reception because they have been delayed at the church.

While you can be sure that fun and enjoyment will be premium during the wedding, you can also be certain that almost nothing will be done to time.

There have been wedding whose reception didn't start till after 3pm. It's a Nigerian wedding thing.

2. Food

Some might argue that there is a certain tribe more guilty of this than other tribes but that is not the point here.

Wherever you go for a wedding, there is every likelihood that distribution of gift items/souvenirs will be by favouritism, and that might not worry everyone so much as the favouritism that happens when it comes to distribution of meals and other edible things.

Bet everyone would freak out at this because, truly, it could be so annoying.

3. Parking Space

Driving to a wedding ceremony could actually make you tired and frustrated before you even step into the hall. Parking spaces are usually so little, and most times unavailable at wedding receptions and it'll always leave guests flustered.


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