Please Help, My Girlfriend Wants Us To Wear Same Attire To Her Niece's Traditional Wedding

Hello all

My girlfriend wants me to wear same native attire to her niece wedding on Friday. I thought she was joking when she suggested it last week, because I don't even plan on going due to my busy schedule. But to my surprise she's just came to my house with some yards of the material she bought with her money.

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Though I appreciate her good gestures, but I don't think it's right.. We are not married. What will her people say when dey see me with her like that because her father, mother, brothers and sisters will be there, not talking about her extended families.

I had to confide with a friend and he told me blantly that it is a set up, I should abort. That he had witness a similar case in a party when a guy was behaving as if he had paid his girlfriend bride price...what happened was the guy didn't leave the way he came. I won't want that to happen to me but before I decide I like to hear from you all.

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relationship is 3months

I don't know her family house, talkless to know who born her.. not yet ready to.


By Born2winnx via Nairaland


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