How little are the little things that make love sweeter and stronger?

Sweet romance is all about the little things. But how little?

How little are the little things that make love sweeter and stronger?

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Love - the genuine, divinely beautiful version of it that everyone wants so badly - is all about the little things.

We've all heard about it: if you want love that works and can stand the test of time, they say, then you have to build it on things like trust and honesty, then fill it up with the little things like listening, paying attention to your partner, being supportive and just generally being on their side and letting them know you've got their back. This list is clearly not exhaustive but in a way, it provides an umbrella wide enough to cover any other affectionate act you could think of.

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Here is the thing though, we only know that in romance, little things matter and that the things that fall under the category of little things are pretty open to interpretation. What many may not know exactly is: how little are the things that actually matter? How small does an act of service, a gift or a romantic comment have to be to count as a little thing? Also, could a sweet act be too little that it doesn't hit the mark?

How you'll recognise a romantic 'little thing'

It usually costs you relatively little or no money at all. Basically it does not put a dent in your pocket. Now, of course, that will depend on your spending power.

It also doesn't require too much energy or effort to make it happen, and most especially, it'll make your partner happy, loved and at peace.

But little things are not always so little

If you go through any online conversation where people are talking about the cute acts of love that reassure them of their partner's unfading affection, you're likely to find acts borne out of varying degrees of effort, love deeds that may have taken only 5 minutes and some that would require at least 1hour to create.

How little are the little things that make love sweeter and stronger?

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And that's the thing: like everything in romantic relationships, one size does not fit all. Each romance has a life of its own, a story that is peculiar and a journey that is special only to those in it. So basing your judgement of what is small on another person's definition of it might break the connection you have with your partner, instead of strengthening it.

But get this; the little things are only significant or insignificant based on the knowledge of your partner, and theirs of you. You know the things that cost you almost nothing but brings them the most joy; you know the things you say and how you say them to calm them and bring happy tears to their eyes. You also know the small gifts that make them feel deeply loved and treasured... there's no reason to not do them.


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