Online Dating: Be wary of these 5 people

We spend a lot of time on the interent, and it is normal that to meet a lot of people online.

Online Dating: Be wary of these 5 people

Whether you are using social media to meet a suitable partner or downloaded dating apps, online safety is important, not only for your physical safety but emotional safety. Before you meet people on the internet, there are some tell-tale signs.

Here are some people you should be wary of;

1. The transactional people

Those who tell you that before they leave their house, you have to send them money or those who outrightly ask how much to spend a night with you. Also, in this category are those whose Snapchat are private, and you have to pay to view their stories.

If you are not into transactional relationships, avoid them.

2. Pepper dem gang

Ostentatious display of wealth is a red flag for both genders, except if you are a car influencer, tech influencer, or lifestyle influencer, we don't need to know how rich you are or how many countries you visit. It screams materialism and fraudulent money.

3. I want to come to your house gang

I have a personal disdain for these people because do you not have a house? Are you also trying to kill me? The first three dates should be in public, especially, if you are looking for a serious relationship.

4. Those who love online 'violence' or whose accounts are used to worship a celebrity or politician

All they do online is display aggressive behaviour because people who are may not be aware of their existence. Online stans have a low IQ.

Also, in this category are people who are always under blog posts commenting or are excited at what they call violence(usually savage responses).

5. Those who never have time for video calls

If you don't want to get catfished, insist on a video call. If you don't, you might be unpleasantly surprised. Pictures can be deceiving, insist on a video call.


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