See Why You Should Stop Installing Android Games And Apps Outside Google Playstore

See Why You Should Stop Installing Android Games And Apps Outside Google Playstore

I have received multiple questions on how to install apps from third party developers (UNTRUSTED SOURCES) outside the Google playstore but I want to warn that installing apps outside the playstore or Apple app store is a PRETTY BAD IDEA. I know that sometimes, big game developers such as EPIC GAMES refuse to sell their games via the playstore because they don't want to pay the 30% commission that Google demands for selling games via the playstore. They want you to download directly from their websites for example the newly released FORTNITE games. They call it "sideloading". A lot of people download games and apps outside the Google Playstore without considering the risks involved. Android is open source so they only warn you but won't stop you from installing the games and this is why people think iPhone is more secure that Android. Apple forbids it's users from installing free apps outside the app store and they make it extremely difficult to do so. They have good reasons and that's why I want to show you the dangers of installing outside the playstore.

1. Google security scan:

Every app on the Google Playstore goes through security scan and any malicious app is immediately deleted and removed from the playstore. This makes the playstore the most secure source to get your apps and games for Android devices. Any app not on the playstore does not undergo this security scan and you have no way of knowing if it's a good one or not.

2. Malware and virus:

Most of those links you see online takes you directly to malicious sites where you can easily install spyware, malware or virus that can not only damage your device but expose your sensitive data such as contacts, bank details etc to hackers. You may even download a copy of the game that actually works on your device but does damage in the background. Malwares and spywares could use your phone cameras to spy on you or even worse. This is one of the reasons we warn you not to install or sideload apps from "Unknown sources".

3. Too many fake apps out there:

No matter how you look at it, there's always a risk involved when installing apps from Untrusted sources. There's too many malicious apps that you can't really tell the different between the real ones and the fake ones. Imagine a game that wants you to "grant access" to your contacts, WTF ? What has your contacts get to do with a game and so many other suspicious behavior. The URL can easily be swapped and automatically redirects you where a virus will be installed automatically into your device in a matter of seconds !

If you are really stubborn about it and wants to bypass Google Playstore and install such games maybe because it's a free version, well make sure you update your Android OS to the latest version (OREO) first, it has more security features than older versions and honestly I wish you luck in your new adventure.

- TechCapon


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