Laugh out loud

Thu 01 Nov 2012
A Girl Returns Home After 30 Years. Father (Angry): “Where The Hell Have You Been All This Years?” Girl: “I Was Working AsA Prostitute In The Vietnam” Father: “What? Get Out Of My House You Whore, I Don’t WantTo See Your Face Again" Girl (Crying): “Before I Go Dad, I Came To Give You A $5 Million Cheque, And Here Is A $ 1million For My Brother. I Had Build A Big House For You In The Northern Surburbs With Everything In It Including A Ferarri And A Bugatti. Bye Dad” Father (Smiling): “What Kind A Work You Said You Where Doing” Girl (Crying Out Loud):“A Prostitute Dad” Father: “Come And Give Daddy A Big Hug, I Thought You Said You Where A ”Prosecute Enjoy!!!!


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