5 Poor Fitness Red Flags You Should Be Wary Of

5 Poor Fitness Red Flags You Should Be Wary Of

The older you get, the more crucial it is that you stay fit.

Regardless of whatever lifestyle you live, a healthy diet and exercise are vital for your overall health and well-being.

The older you get, the more your body tells you what you need and don't need. So what signs tell you it's time to sign up for the gym? These are five fitness red flags to keep an eye out for as you get older:

  • Climbing up the stairs leaves you winded out

The older you get, the harder it is to climb a flight of stairs and not feel like the world's crashing on you. But walking up the stairs shouldn't wear you out if you're fit; if it does, it's time to put your gym subscription on retainer. Consider taking more walks and walking up stairs to improve your endurance and help you get in your daily steps.

  • You can't do a pushup

If one pushup seems very hard, your upper-body strength and endurance are compromised. So it's time to build some muscle mass and strength endurance to improve your health.

Start with an incline, master the form, and build up your strength before moving to floor exercises.

  • You can't do a squat

Squat and lunge exercises are basic bodyweight exercises you should be able to do easily. These exercises improve the balance, coordination and strength of your legs. So practice with good form and do it often.

  • You get injured easily

Another sign of poor fitness is getting injured easily. Anyone who neglects health and fitness usually gets hurt easily, whether it is straining one's back from bending or getting injured while playing a relaxation sport. These are signs of a lack of flexibility and also affects the strength and stability of your muscles. Do some regular stretches to train your body.


  • You can't run a mile

Not being able to run a mile is a sign of poor fitness. Make this your goal, starting with shorter distances until you can.


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