5 Creative Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt

5 Creative Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt

If there's one piece of clothing that will never fail you, it's a graphic tee. Are you going to see a movie? Hang out with friends? A graphic tee's got you.

Better still, just switch up the graphic, and you've made a statement! You could have a graphic t-shirt with your favourite anime character, or you could have one boldly printed with your pronouns. Yes, graphic tees are awesome for representation.

However, the best thing about a graphic tee is that it is as dynamic as a plain canvas. Yes, you can wear a plain tee to a fancy event. Here's how:

5 Creative Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt

  • With a blazer and shorts: if you're trying to wear your fav graphic tee to an outdoor event while nailing the cool, laidback look, combine your tee with a high-waisted, preferably loose pair of shorts. Then top it off with an oversized blazer, and you've got yourself a look! The rules say your t-shirt should also be one size bigger than your perfect fit. You get extra points if your blazer and shorts are a matching set. So here you have it; a t-shirt snatched at the waist by high waisted shorts, lots of legs, and an oversized blazer.

5 Creative Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt

  • Kick out the denim unless it's ripped: it may be hard to stop wearing those jeans, but you'll have to keep it aside for this one unless you want to look mid. Skinny jeans are a no-no, and denim jackets will look tacky. The only denim you're allowed to wear is ripped baggy jeans, paired with some good heels.

  • As a dress: you don't need much effort to look hot in a graphic tee. You can quite literally wear your graphic tee as a dress. Once again, it looks better when it's a size or two above your perfect fit. You can combine your shirt dress with a pair of thigh-high socks that end where your shirt stops.

  • Leather jackets and boots: one of the easiest ways to give your plain tee a lift is to wear it with high-heeled boots. Add a puffy leather jacket, a matching baseball hat or even a bright beret, and you're good to go.

  • Accessorise: the possibilities are endless with plain tees. Bucket hats? Bicycle hats? Crossbody bags? Wide-mouthed pants? Rough up your wardrobe; you'll definitely find a good option.


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