5 Questions To Ask Before Wearing An Outfit

5 Questions To Ask Before Wearing An Outfit

Hold up! Before you wear that shirt, blouse, or dress you have picked out, you need to read this article.

When it comes to selecting the perfect outfit, it is inadvisable to make a decision solely based on taste, because there are other important factors to consider.

In the spirit of preparing you for the awesome, fun-filled weekend, we listed five questions that would help guide you through the proper selection of what to wear.

Does it fit?

Fit is everything. And by everything, we mean everything. A blouse or dress looks good on you if it fits your body frame perfectly. So, if you notice a dress fails to flatter your body shape, kindly move to the next choice.

Am I comfortable?

When you wear a dress, try to measure the amount of comfort you are experiencing. In a situation where discomfort arises, maybe the top is too tight, don't try to "cope" or adhere to the mantra, "fashion is pain."

Is it right for the occasion?

Like the saying, there is a time for everything, there is also a dress for every occasion. It would be embarrassing for you to attend a wedding party dressed in an outfit that screams, "Look at me, I'm a certified workaholic."

Do my accessories match the outfit?

A mistake you don't want to make is having your outfit symbolize chic, and your accessories embody the definition of cheap. Accessorizing can make or mar an outfit, so pay a great deal of attention to getting them right.

Does the colour compliment my skin?

Dear pale-looking people, please avoid wearing colours like grey. Be it any style of outfit, pay close attention to the colour of the outfit. No matter how stunning or trendy the dress might be, if the colour doesn't make your skin  pop, add that extra "huh" effect, and let it go.

Choosing the next dress to wear out? Ensure you ask and provide honest answers to the questions above. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.


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