5 Interesting Prints You Should Wear

Armed with an aura of confidence and clad in a stunning plain blue dress paired with stiletto boots, you walk into a party being thrown by your friends. Upon sighting them, you get ready for compliments. After several hugs and greetings, no one says a word about your outfit. In your mind, you start to wonder what you did wrong. Our best guess would be that your outfit screamed "Look at me, I'm basic." And no one finds a basic outfit worth complimenting.

Basic doesn't necessarily refer to the style of the dress you are wearing, but the colour. The truth is plain-coloured dresses are becoming cliché and boring, lacking the dramatic flair your appearance desperately needs. So, the best way to receive those compliments and attention is to opt for a dress that has a dramatic and loud element in it... something made from a printed fabric.

Print clothes are a staple in every lady's wardrobe. From the popular leopard prints to the stripes, prints are a fashion trend to jump on if you still find yourself playing it safe with plain colours. In this article, we suggest five prints for you to consider.

Leopard print

5 Interesting Prints You Should Wear

Remember we said prints are a must-have? Well, this print is a must-have. Nothing says "expensive," "independence," "confidence," and "sexuality" more than this print.

Channel your 80's fashionista by wearing either a leopard print shirt or gown.

Floral print

5 Interesting Prints You Should Wear

Spring has never sprung without florals (see what we did there?). Offering varieties in shapes and patterns, floral continues to prove its versatility. With its popularity, floral serves as an inspiration to many runway collections all over the world.

So, make floral print dresses your first option when deciding what to wear to work, a wedding, the beach, or, if you dare, a funeral.

Zebra print

5 Interesting Prints You Should Wear

If you sometimes envy how beautiful zebras look, then jump aboard this print train. While styling a zebra print dress might seem a little bit complex, it also gives a fresh and trendy take on your appearance.

Imagine walking down the streets wearing a zebra print jumpsuit and an oversized white coat. Now, that is a sight to behold.

Snakeskin print

5 Interesting Prints You Should Wear

Why should you wear this print? Simple; Rihanna. Snakes might not be the friendliest animals, but we can all agree that they have amazing skin.

Snakeskin prints are everything, from the texture to the way they shine. Who knows if getting dressed in a monochromatic snakeskin ensemble might earn you the most fashionable lady on earth?

Tie and Dye print

5 Interesting Prints You Should Wear

A fast-rising print trend in the world, especially in Nigeria. With several fashion innovations, we are discovering the endless potential of tie and dye. Gone are the days when tie and dye were used for traditional attires; now we see a modern interpretation through hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, bags, etc.

Prints not only give your look the extraordinary appeal it needs, but they also create an impression of your identity. Now, time for goodbye plain colours, and hello Prints! I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thank you.


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