Get whatsapp for pc new..CHAT WITH OTHER USERS.!!!!!

Get whatsapp for pc new..CHAT WITH OTHER USERS.!!!!!

Whatsapp is the best mobile application to exchange free multimedia message over internet. It supports most mobile devices today like BlackBerry, Nokia Series 40 and Symbian, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. But they have not made any application to be used on a PC. It may be because it makes use of your phone number to route messages. But this problem can be solved by using verification by Phone call.
Thinking of the fact above, wehave a nice way to use WhatsApp on PC. You just need to install an application which emulates Android on your PC and then you can install WhatsApp in that application. After this you just need to confirm your phone number which can be easily done by verification by Call method.
REMEMBER You need to have different numbers on your mobile device and computer. This is because you can use a single number with only one WhatsApp installation at a time.Also you can even get a land line number verified with WhatsApp because we will make use of verification by call, and a land line can obviously receive a phone call.Also if you need to use the same number on more than one device, then you will need to register it again and again with the device you need to use WhatsApp with.

How To Get WhatsApp For PC
1. You need to download any Android Emulator, we will use YouWave in our tutorial .
2. You also need to download the WhatsApp application for Android. (It can also be done through inbuilt browser in Android)
3. Install and run YouWave from the setup file you downloaded. (Starting the application for the first time may take some time)
4. On the top menu you will have an option named “Help”. Click on it and you will find a sub-option named “Instructions”. This will show you the current directory for your Android applications. You need to copy the “WhatsApp.apk” which you downloaded to this directory.
5. Now you need to refresh the applications present is YouWave’s database. This can be done by clicking on “Redraw Icons” present in “View” menu.
6. Now you will see the WhatsApp icon in the applications database. Just double-click on it and it will be loaded. Now you need to input your phone number and let theapplication wait for the SMS verification. It will try for 5 minutes and then it will ask you to get a call on the numberyou provided for the verification code. Hit “Call Me” button and receive the call. Now just input the code they gave you on the phone in the space provided.
That’s it. Now you will have fully functional WhatsApp on PC . Similarly you can use most of the Android applications on your computer itself.

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