Video Games Myths You Should Stop Believing

Video Games Myths You Should Stop Believing

With the advent of video games, there has been countless opinions regarding it's suitability and how it affects us in real life. The truth however is that a lot of opinions regarding them are not right. If you're wondering how to separate the facts from the myths regarding video games, here are all the biggest misconceptions you should know.

  1. Video Games Are Addictive
    One common myth is that video games are as addictive as drugs most especially since they are designed to get gamers spending lots of their time and money in them. Addiction experts however see things differently as they say video games can't be an addiction.

    Experts are of the opinion that video game addiction cannot be classified as a disease, much like alcoholism. They believe more research was needed to back up the claim that 10% of video game players are video game addicts.

    So far, research hasn't shown much that would make games more of an addictive thing so - at least for now, you can indulge in your games.

  2. Men Play Video Games More
    In truth, chances are when you think about a video game competition or store, chances are all you see in your mind is a place filled with men simply because everyone feels girls don't play nerdy video games.

    The fact however is that gamers are not predominantly boys. Adult women make up a larger percentage of video game players than even teenage boys.
    To be fair however, men are still the largest demographic, but it just goes to show you that more and more, women are playing video games.

  3. Video Games Are Cheap To Make
    It is easy to see our favourite past time as nothing more than exciting features made from binary codes , especially if you have an idea of software development. That however is not the case as video games are not things you can simply make in your room with a couple of friends.

    Video Games are actually very large and complex things that require the expertise of designers, artists, voice artists, more designers, programmers and Quality Assurance testers. A lot of work goes into their actual creation, talk more of their marketing as we would certainly talk about the bad commercials of them that we see.

    It is important to keep in mind that there are some exceptions to the rule of expense as there would be occasional cheap ones that will be good. But any game worth its onions will require a lot of money, with some costing hundreds of millions of dollars, just to produce!

  4. You Don't Need A Degree To Make Them
    A common myth around is that almost anyone has the capacity to build video games and no schooling or help is required to make them.

    To be a professional video game designer, you will need to go to school for it.
    A lot of tertiary institutions offer them as a course and while a degree is not a compulsory requirement, it can help to set you apart.

    With the business of making games pretty much a multi-billion dollar business, and games becoming more and more complex to make, getting a degree is pretty much a necessity.

  5. Testing Them Is Fun
    Testing video games is not fun as most people think as it is mind-numbing and pretty much repetitive work. The misconception is that all you have to do as a video game tester is to play them, but that's not actually what it's like being a tester.

    Being a tester requires you to do and repeat the same thing over and over and over again and over again till you are tired and just wish for it to stop. The job of a tester is to attempt to break the game, which sounds cool but could mean you simply walking into a wall countless times literally.

    The Walking into a wall could be from a slightly different angle or while jumping which is pretty much the same thing for eight hours straight.that can be followed with walking back and forth in the same spot over and over until the game breaks. Then you write down exactly what you did, as precisely as you possibly can so the programmers can duplicate it and fix the bug.

    Game testers basically repeat the same actions over and over till they probably never want to play another game again.


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