Free GLO BIS Blackberry Internet Subscription On PC Computer

Who says Glo BIS cheat on Pc is
no longer working. Well, the
good news is that you now have
that internet connection freedom
and access to browse and
download without a limit with
your Glo BIS (Blackberry Internet
Subscription) with the new
below settings.
This implies that you have full
internet connection without data
plan restriction allotted to your
subscription on your device Pc,
Computer, Laptop, ipad, Andriod.
Just adhere to the following
simple steps on how to Use Glo
BIS Plan to restore connection
first of all just insert and connect
your modem. Enter the following
properly to configure your
modem for the new glo cheat.
APN: blackberry. net IP: you can
leave it blank PORT: Leave it blank
USERNAME:Leave it blank
PASSWORD: Leave it Blank.
How to subscribe glo BIS
(blackberry Internet
Subscription) data plan Glo
Monthly BIS Subscription Code:
1. For Glo monthly BIS, just send
COMONTH to 777 (3GB) Cost Just
N1,500 NAIRA.


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