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There are different ways of making money online, as promised today we launch the online money making series, part one. We'll be talking about how to make money online through google adsense! Yeah.

Google adsense is one of the Surest& Legal way to make cool cash online, because years after you've start the business you'll still keep earning money.

There are different ways to make money from google adsense but the commonest and easiest is through blogging. There are series of free blogging platform online, which means you don't have to invest a dime before you can make money from google adsense.

The first and crucial step is Setting up a blog, the best blogging platform is;

==> and

Blog are free on them.

Then choose a topic that you like to write about, and start posting stuffs on your blog. Most nigeria blogs are mainly about news, you can write something more interesting too.

Write different topics on your blog and share them with your friends on facebook, twitter and other websites. Make sure people are visiting your blog. Then apply for the google adsense program, google will check your blog, and when they see that it is active, they'll approve your account, and they'll start displaying adverts on your blog, when People click on this ads then You earn money. Take note that this is just an intro to the series. We'll be publishing about
How to setup a blog. Tomorow.
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